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Supt Pellum is an Administrative Assistant to Bishop John
Wayne Leggett, Chairman of the Superintendent Board, Supt
for the Northern Region, Supt of the Refreshing District, and
Pastor of the Refreshing Church of God in Christ, Southern
Georgia Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.

In 1981, the Lord Laid on Supt Fred Pellum's heart to start a
church. To begin, the Lord instructed him to use his home as
the church and to name the church Refreshing Church of
God in Christ.  

Three years later, the church was built and we were able to
move into the building in May of 1984.  The funds for the
building, furnishing and the necessary mortgage for the
church were all paid for with tithes and offerings. The
church was expanded in 2003. The Lord has increased the
church in growth and in spirit.  He has  blessed Refreshing
with many multi talented members.  

At the present time, there are plans to do more expanding in
the future with the help of the Lord.